At H&L, quality is our principal focus. Our workers learn to achieve remarkable quality through a hands-on skill-building approach. We have high staff retention and prioritize local recruitment as needed to build skills in the communities that our projects reach. We especially recognize and develop the potential of women in technical areas. The H&L team raises the value of quality to enhance and develop the landscapes and people of Mozambique.

John Wells Louw - Director

Graduated as an engineer from UCT in 1981 and worked for years at AECI and later at the Pepkor group. Since co-founding H&L in 1989 John has been the company manager & project specialist. Over the past 25+ years, John has acquired invaluable expertise in the legal, financial and investment aspects of building and project development in Mozambique. John’s specialised skill set drives H&L as well as client projects forward with clarity of vision and accuracy in delivery.

Pr. Eng, Bsc (Eng), MSAIEE